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Eastern Caribbean dollar

Eastern Caribbean Central Bank to Pursue Digital Currency

While numerous countries have discussed the possibility of issuing their own digital currency, the actual issuance of central bank digital currencies has in most cases failed to materialize. Aside from Venezuela’s much-derided petro, which doesn’t seem to be gaining much traction, no other central bank has issued its own digital currency. Until now. While many larger central banks have highlighted problems with direct central bank issuance of digital currency, particularly as they relate to the well-developed Western consumer banking system, [...]


Coinbase Acquisition of Firm Tied to Hackers Highlights Importance of Keeping Your Data Safe

A few weeks ago US cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase came in for a tremendous amount of criticism from consumers and investors after a recent acquisition. The exchange purchased a blockchain analytics firm, Neutrino, whose CEO, CTO, and chief resource officer had all previously worked at the security firm Hacking Team. Hacking Team was notorious in the digital world for its creation of online surveillance software and its connection to human rights abuses and crimes throughout the world. Hacking Team software had [...]

Will Facebook create its own digital currency?

Facebook to Launch Its Own Cryptocurrency?

With growing backlash from governments over its erosion of data privacy and growing discontent from users overs its censorship and suppression of alternative points of view, Facebook is desperate to staunch the flow of users leaving its platform and relieve pressure from government authorities. The company needs to hit a home run in providing a service that consumers find valuable, and it looks like it may choose a cryptocurrency as that vehicle. Facebook has built up its blockchain team recently [...]

Federal Reserve may add Bitcoin to stress tests

Bitcoin May Become Part of Federal Reserve Stress Testing

Since the financial crisis more and more people have become familiar with the concept of stress tests, the tests which central banks and financial regulators use to determine the strength and resilience of the banking system. Stress tests require banks to analyze their potential performance under a series of hypothetical scenarios. The tests are designed to determine whether banks are adequately capitalized in the event of serious negative shocks, or whether they need to improve their capitalization in order [...]

Two Bitcoin ETF proposals in front of SEC

Two Bitcoin ETF Proposals Now Await SEC Approval

The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) now has not one, but two Bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF) proposals to decide on. The first major Bitcoin financial products to gain regulatory approval were Bitcoin futures, approved in late 2017 by the Commodities Futures Trading Commission (CFTC). Since that time Bitcoin ETF proposals have languished at SEC, as the agency has dragged its heels on approvals, most likely seeking to study the proposals in greater depth before approving anything. With two [...]

Bitcoin price set to rise

Bitcoin Price Looks Likely to Rise in March

After several months of price declines and back and forth movement, it looks like Bitcoin has finally bottomed out and started to rebound. At one point naysayers thought it likely that Bitcoin would drop below $3,000, but now it looks like Bitcoin is set to break through the $4,000 barrier it has been challenging for a while. With the prospect of a worsening economy and declining stock markets, safe haven buying may further boost Bitcoin’s value. It’s important to remember [...]

Mt. Gox trustee may have crashed Bitcoin

Was Mt. Gox’s Trustee the Reason Behind Bitcoin’s Poor Performance in 2018?

Just as quickly as it rose at the end of 2017, Bitcoin stumbled and began to lose value in early 2018. And from February 2018 onward Bitcoin continued to lose more and more value. It was a perplexing move that befuddled Bitcoin investors and market watchers. It was especially confusing since stock markets were losing value too, so one would have expected Bitcoin to gain value as investors sought Bitcoin as a safe haven. But now we may know [...]

Bitcoin use in Venezuela is growing exponentially

Bitcoin Trading in Venezuela Reaches All-Time Highs

Most Bitcoin investors and enthusiasts understand the many advantages of Bitcoin and its usefulness both as a currency and as an investment. But while Bitcoin stands on the cusp of revolutionizing currency and payment systems throughout the developed world, it also plays a vital role in much of the developing world. In countries facing corrupt governments or central banks, whose monetary units are prone to wild swings in value or massive devaluation, Bitcoin has established itself as a sound [...]

Yellowstone Falls

Bitcoin Will Officially Be Classified as Money… in Wyoming

With federal regulation of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies basically remaining stagnant, many states have taken it upon themselves to clarify the status of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. Ohio recently became the first state to accept Bitcoin as a payment for taxes. Online retailer Overstock already stated that it would pay some of its Ohio taxes in Bitcoin. And in Wyoming the state legislature recently passed a bill that would define Bitcoin as money. That is a very exciting development for Bitcoin [...]

Nasdaq to offer Bitcoin quotes

Nasdaq Adds Bitcoin and Ethereum Quotes to Its Data Service

In a further sign that Bitcoin continues down the path toward joining the financial mainstream, stock exchange operator Nasdaq has announced that it will add quotes for Bitcoin and Ethereum to its data service offered through the Nasdaq Global Index Data Service (GIDS). That change will take effect on February 25. Since Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies are still very much in their infancy, price quotes often vary wildly from exchange to exchange. That leads to numerous investors attempting to [...]