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Treasury Bond-Backed Stablecoins: What’s the Point?

Many investors are still put off by the relative volatility of cryptocurrency markets and of cryptocurrency prices. And while Bitcoin investors are benefiting today from upward price movement, volatility in the other direction is naturally worrisome. That has helped contribute to the development and popularity of so-called stablecoins, cryptocurrency tokens that are fully backed by some supposedly stable asset. While most stablecoins have been backed by fiat currency such as the US dollar, a new stablecoin is looking to get [...]


Bitcoin Price Rockets on Safe Haven Trading

The major news impacting markets this week was President Trump’s decision to introduce tariffs on all Chinese imports. Existing tariffs will rise from 10% to 25%, and all imports that previously were exempt from tariffs will have new tariffs placed on them. China retaliated by placing tariffs on $60 billion worth of US exports to the country, leading to fears that the trade war will heat up significantly. It’s probably no surprise, then, that Bitcoin’s price skyrocketed in the aftermath [...]


Are Chinese Investors Behind the Latest Crypto Surge?

After languishing under $4,000 for much of the year, Bitcoin has really taken off in price over the past few weeks, and just recently broke through the $6,000 barrier. But while there are numerous contributing factors for that strong price growth, there’s one factor that has gotten significantly less publicity. However it’s an important factor that should remind investors and Bitcoin users of one Bitcoin’s original purposes for its creation. One of Bitcoin’s major benefits is its ability to allow [...]


Bitcoin Trading Continues to Reach the Mainstream

It seems like only yesterday that Bitcoin trading began on financial markets. The first futures markets for Bitcoin opened in December of 2017 to great fanfare. But since that time new developments in Bitcoin trading have been few and far between. Proposals for Bitcoin exchange traded funds (ETFs) have languished before regulators for months and months, continually failing to gain approval and having to be resubmitted. But now Bitcoin’s recent price rise has spurred some new plans to enhance [...]


Want to Turn Physical Coins Into Bitcoin?

Many people may not have known it before, but coin machine operator Coinstar has partnered with Bitcoin ATM provider Coinme to allow people to purchase Bitcoin at Coinstar machines. The initial trials that began earlier this year were so successful that Coinstar is expanding the Bitcoin purchase ability to over 2,000 kiosks in 19 states. That means that customers will now be able to purchase Bitcoin at roughly 10% of Coinstar’s kiosks nationwide. The downside to the Bitcoin purchases is [...]

Bitcoin vault

Cryptocurrency Insurance: Is It Really Worth It?

One of the most prevalent fears among cryptocurrency investors is that of hacking. It seems that every day brings new reports of thieves attempting to steal from cryptocurrency investors and companies. Whether it’s cryptojacking, phishing, or outright hacks, there are numerous ways for criminals to get their hands on crypto assets that aren’t adequately secured. And with so many Bitcoin investors and users keeping their assets in online “hot” wallets, the pool of assets ripe for the picking won’t [...]

The Bitcoin price is rising

Why Has the Bitcoin Price Suddenly Taken Off?

For months Bitcoin’s price seemed to be range-bound, hovering in the mid-3000s and never seeming to be able to broach the $4,000 mark. But all of a sudden Bitcoin’s price took off, with $4,000 a distant memory as Bitcoin powered through $5,000 and beyond. Those who had the good sense to invest in Bitcoin while it was stagnant have seen incredible gains this year. But those who have benefited as well as those who have remained on the sidelines [...]

Bitcoin could beat out Visa and Mastercard

Will Bitcoin Replace Visa and Mastercard?

With cryptocurrency debit cards now a reality and no longer just a dream, how long will it be before Bitcoin becomes the dominant method of payment worldwide? According to recent reports, if Bitcoin continues its current pace of adoption it could gain more widespread adoption than its competitors within a decade. Visa, Mastercard, Paypal, and similar competing payment networks are certainly no slouches, and outcompeting them won’t be easy. But there are many reasons to believe that Bitcoin may [...]

Coinbase launching Visa cryptocurrency debit card

New Cryptocurrency Debit Card Could Spur Greater Usage of Bitcoin

One of the biggest knocks against Bitcoin’s use as a currency has been the relative difficulty of its use. While Bitcoin payment portals exist, they require a separate system apart from normal point of sale systems, credit card readers, etc. That has limited adoption by retailers. On the consumer end of things, payment is normally accomplished through contactless payment via smartphone. That’s all well and good for technophiles, but what about those who don’t want to turn their phone [...]

Central banks exploring digital currency options

World Economic Forum: Over 40 Central Banks Exploring Blockchain Opportunities

According to the World Economic Forum, over 40 central banks around the world are eyeing the opportunities afforded by blockchain technology, many with an eye towards issuing their own digital currencies. But while studying the technology is one thing, actually getting to issuance of a digital currency is quite another. Thus far only one relatively minor central bank has gotten into the digital currency business. Most others will probably sit on the sidelines while they study the issues surrounding [...]