The 9 Advantages of Buying Fractional Metals

Fractional Metals available at Coin IRA

Coin IRA Introduces New Flex Metals Program

In the latest addition to our self-trading platform, Coin IRA account holders can now trade whole or fractional amounts of pure gold, silver and platinum in their Cryptocurrency IRAs, the same way you currently trade whole or fractional amounts of cryptocurrency.

So whether you have a Tax-Advantaged Traditional, Roth, or SEP IRA, or an Individual Non-IRA Trading Account, you can now easily own precious metals alongside your cryptocurrencies in the same digital asset account.

You might be asking why you’d want to own fractional metals in your Digital Asset IRA.  Well, we can think of 9 great reasons:

  1.  Affordability: Buying fractional metals allows individuals to invest in precious metals at a lower cost than purchasing a full bar or coin, without having to open a separate Precious Metals IRA, saving the fees and costs involved.
  1. Diversification: Fractional metals can be used to diversify a portfolio, reducing overall risk by spreading investments across different assets.
  1. Instant Liquidity: When selling fractional metals purchased inside your digital trading account, credit to your available trading balance is immediate.  There’s no waiting, so you can use your proceeds immediately for another trade or request a distribution.
  1. Convenience:  Fractional metals purchased in your account are 100% allocated to your account and are stored at Brinks, Salt Lake City, for easy management and convenience. There’s no waiting for delivery or for your proceeds when you liquidate.
  1. Flexibility:  You don’t have to purchase in whole ounces or the sizes and weights of available minted coins. You are buying fractional ownership of large bullion bars, the most inexpensive bullion product, and you can buy as little as $10 worth of gold, silver, or platinum.
  1. Hedge against Inflation: Precious metals have historically held their value during times of economic uncertainty and inflation, providing a hedge against potential financial losses.
  1. Tangible Asset:  Fractional metals are tangible assets that are physically stored on your behalf in the most secure domestic vaults, offering a level of security in uncertain times, and complementing your virtual assets.
  1. Tax Benefits: You can trade in and out of precious metals without creating a taxable event until you take a withdrawal or distribution; and even better, metals owned in a Roth IRA grow tax-free, even at the point of withdrawal.
  1. Delivery Options: When you are ready to take a withdrawal from your account, there is an option to convert your whole ounce ownership of fractional metals to a minted product such as a 1oz American Eagle for physical delivery at a low cost. This way, you aren’t paying the extra cost of a minted product unless you eventually want one.

Account holders are telling us we’ve made trading metals fast and simple! For any additional questions you might have, call Coin IRA Customer Support at 866-924-5421 or email

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