The Industry’s Most Secure Digital Asset Storage Solution

Coin IRA Accounts Include Ledger Enterprise Cold Storage

Security is your primary concern, and that makes it ours.  Equity Trust Company, the custodian for all Coin IRA accounts, maintains custody and control of the available cash and digital assets held in your account at all times.  Equity Trust ensures that cash balances are FDIC insured, and uses Ledger Enterprise technology, the gold standard when it comes to safeguarding digital assets, providing impenetrable, cold storage and insurance for assets in storage and transfer.

With Ledger Enterprise, Equity Trust maintains complete control over the keys to your digital assets, eliminating all counterparty risk.  Not even Ledger has access.  And you can rest assured knowing that your digital assets are not staked, borrowed against or leveraged in any way, and are not reflected on the balance sheet of Coin IRA, Equity Trust, or Ledger, because they belong to you, not us.

  • Ledger Enterprise, the industry’s most advanced security solution for digital asset storage, is the most trusted brand in Web3 security.
  • Ledger Enterprise’s end-to-end solution combines Ledger’s proprietary hardware, firmware and software security stack with flexible governance and a best-in-class insurance program.
  • Ledger’s proprietary architecture and Personal Security Devices eliminate man-in-the-middle attacks and includes 24/7 military grade protection.
  • Ledger protects digital value in an FIPs level III hardware ecosystem, which is the same technology used by governments and international banks.
  • Ledger Enterprise has handled billions in transactions with zero mismanaged.

Best of all, Coin IRA’s valued account holders incur no monthly or annual fees for this unparalleled cold storage solution, while enjoying the peace of mind that comes from knowing that their digital assets are safely stored offline in the control of their custodian, Equity Trust.  It’s just one of the many advantages that comes with choosing to partner with Coin IRA.

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