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Setting Up Your Cryptocurrency IRA

Step 1:  Discuss how you want to fund your new Cryptocurrency IRA with your personal Cryptocurrency Specialist. You can either transfer funds from an existing IRA, rollover funds from a qualified retirement account, or make your annual eligible contribution.

Step 2:  A Coin IRA Retirement Specialist will then explain each step in the process and gather the information to complete your application and funding documents for your review and signature. Return your documents ASAP for expedient processing!

Step 3:  Once your account is funded, decide which of the IRA eligible cryptocurrencies you want to invest in and the amount of each. An experienced trader will then facilitate your live trade with you on the phone for final pricing approval. Remember, you can buy whole or fractional quantities.

Step 4:  Your cryptocurrency will be transferred into your institutional-grade, cold storage custodial wallet within 24 hours. To execute future trades (buy or sell), call your Cryptocurrency Specialist or email


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Whether you would like to establish a Cryptocurrency IRA to invest qualified retirement funds into cryptocurrency, or use funds from a savings, checking or other non-qualified source, Coin IRA can help. Call us at 888-998-COIN to speak with an experienced Cryptocurrency Specialist and learn more.



Coin IRA offers three types of transactions, each of which will determine the wallet that will store the crypto — IRA custody, non-IRA custody, and personal custody. Crypto IRA and non-IRA custody accounts are stored by the custodian, eliminating the need to safeguard the cryptocurrency yourself and the worry of loss due to mishandling, lost or forgotten keys, and wallet misplacement.  For personal custody, you can choose the type of wallet solution you prefer — a hard wallet, an online exchange wallet, or a software wallet.

Private Keys:

Your cryptocurrency wallet uses a pair of “keys”, one public for receiving digital assets, and one private for sending digital assets. These two keys are a series of upper and lowercase letters and numbers unique to your wallet. Your public key may be safely provided in order for cryptocurrencies to be sent to you. Your private key should never be shared with anyone. Your custodian controls the keys for your Cryptocurrency IRA or non-IRA custody wallet. You control the private keys for your personal custody wallet.


Once your Cryptocurrency IRA or non-IRA custodial account has funded, an experienced trader will execute your live trade with you on the phone so that you may approve the trade details prior to execution. Upon settlement of  your buy order, the crypto will be sent to your custodial wallet. Upon settlement of your sell order, the proceeds will be returned to the cash position inside your account. For personal custody purchases, you must first pass a background check and then wire funds to Coin IRA to execute a trade. The crypto will be transferred to your personal wallet upon settlement.


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