Cryptocurrency Storage Protection

At Coin IRA, the security of the cryptocurrency held in your IRA or Non-IRA Custody Account is a top priority. That is why we partner with a custodian that provides cold storage, the absolute best solution and the highest level of security for your digital assets.

Coin IRA Sets the Standard for Cryptocurrency Security with Cold Storage

Our custodial storage sets the industry standard with the world’s most secure cryptocurrency storage solution. Our hybrid multi-layer protection of digital assets is best-in-class:

  • Cold storage wallets take digital funds offline when not in use and protect your account from being hacked.
  • Multi-factor authorization is required for account access.
  • Keys are held in cold storage in “grade-5 nuclear bunkers” and protected 24/7 by armed guards and cryptographic technology experts.
  • Digital assets are covered from physical loss, internal and external theft, damage, and destruction by end-to-end, dollar-for-dollar insurance from a reputable panel of London-based insurance companies with S&P ratings of A or better.
  • Level II Cryptocurrency Security Standards (CCSS) ensure compliance with external compliance audits.

With our custodial option, cryptocurrencies held in an IRA or Individual Non-IRA Custody Account are as safe as they can possibly be. Customers’ digital assets are not stored on an exchange, but are in insured, cold storage in wallets that are segregated by type of coin and held in the name of “Equity Trust Company FBO (for the benefit of) the Account Holder”. You can have peace of mind knowing your digital currencies are not on the balance sheet of Coin IRA, Equity Trust, or any other entity, and are not borrowed against or leveraged in any way. They are protected with a combination of advanced security practices and a suite of customized insurance solutions. Best of all, Coin IRA’s account holders pay no monthly or annual fees for this unrivaled storage solution. It’s just one of the benefits of doing business with Coin IRA!

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