Deloitte Details Cybersecurity Challenges for Distributed Ledger Technology

A new white paper from Deloitte highlights the threats that blockchain technology – also known as Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) – faces on the cybersecurity front and suggests possible countermeasures. “Security considerations in relation to the cryptographic and immutable nature of blockchain technology include key management, the risk of an attacker overpowering a private blockchain, centralization of authority within the network, [and] privacy and the right to be forgotten,” the firm says. For key management, the white paper notes there [...]

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Bitcoin Surges But Experiences Volatility Ahead of Futures Launch

Right before the weekend, Bitcoin climbed from below $16,000 to a new high of $19,500 in less than an hour on the US-based GDAX exchange, ahead of the launch of Bitcoin futures this week. Bitcoin then dropped by 19% to $13,482 on Friday, December 8th. But while on Saturday it dropped again between 9-12%, CoinDesk reported on Sunday that “the market’s most recent session” indicates gains of “more than 5 percent” across cryptocurrencies. Sunday was the opening day for the [...]