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Benefits of lower cryptocurrency prices

Crypto Alternatives: Bitcoin Isn’t the Only Game in Town

Those who like the thrill of high-risk investments that promise large returns should definitely check what the crypto hype is all about. If you’ve already considered investing in crypto, your first thought must have been “let’s invest in Bitcoin”. The fact that there are more millionaires than Bitcoins in the world is eye-opening and shows […]


What Will Crypto Price Growth Look Like Over the Next 10 Years?

A large part of the crypto market is grounded in speculation and predictions. Cryptocurrency investments can be volatile but at the same time lucrative, which prompts crypto investors to think far ahead and adjust their strategies accordingly. In this article, we’ll speculate on the future price growth of cryptocurrencies. First, we’ll talk about the key […]


Why Central Bank Digital Currencies Are Good News for Cryptocurrency Investors

The relationship between cryptocurrencies and central banks is more entangled than you would think. Even though cryptos emerged to boot out the banks from the global financial system, ten years later, they’re still a niche payment striving to achieve wider adoption.  On the other hand, these same digital assets are making central banks rethink the […]