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Snowden Documents Prove NSA is Able to Track Down Bitcoin Users “Well Beyond” the Blockchain

The Intercept dropped a disturbing report Tuesday morning on some classified documents from March 2013 in Edward Snowden’s possession. The documents prove that the National Security Agency has successfully targeted and tracked down Bitcoin users “around the world.” In their work to find the cryptocurrency’s weakness, they came across a “mysterious source” of data information. […]

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Feds Order Coinbase To Hand Over 14,000 User Accounts

Have you been a successful cryptocurrency trader? Do you keep your crypto assets in a Coinbase wallet? If you’ve had over $20,000 in annual transactions, your information could soon be handed over to the IRS for inspection. According to CryptoCoinsNews, the IRS will be given access to over 14,000 such users after a California federal […]

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Largest South Korean Bank Testing Bitcoin Vault and Wallet for 2018 Launch

South Korea and Japan are both accountable for approximately 70 percent of global Bitcoin trades, with South Korea being the third largest Bitcoin market. Now, South Korea’s biggest bank is preparing to join in on the cryptocurrency market, leading most of the banking world that by-and-large still can’t shake its fears of the digital currency […]

Physical version of Bitcoin (new virtual money) and Venezuela Flag. Conceptual image for investors in cryptocurrency and Blockchain Technology in Venezuela.

Venezuelan Leader Announces “Petro” Cryptocurrency Backed By Oil

In a highly ironic move designed to circumvent US-led financial sanctions, Nicolas Maduro, the socialist dictator of Venezuela has announced the creation of the “petro” digital currency backed by oil, gas, gold, and diamond reserves. According to Reuters, “The leftist leader offered few specifics about the currency launch…but he declared to cheers that ‘the 21st […]

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Bitcoin Surges But Experiences Volatility Ahead of Futures Launch

Right before the weekend, Bitcoin climbed from below $16,000 to a new high of $19,500 in less than an hour on the US-based GDAX exchange, ahead of the launch of Bitcoin futures this week. Bitcoin then dropped by 19% to $13,482 on Friday, December 8th. But while on Saturday it dropped again between 9-12%, CoinDesk […]