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Attempted Coinbase Hack Highlights Importance of Crypto-Security

Coinbase is perhaps one of the best-known cryptocurrency exchanges to most Americans. But the company was just recently the target of a very sophisticated and long-developing hack attempt. Using various methods to develop an attack, hackers sought to penetrate Coinbase and ultimately make off with significant amounts of cryptocurrency. Thankfully the hack was detected and […]

Is lending your cryptocurrency a good idea?

Is There a Danger in Cryptocurrency Lending?

While Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies have made great strides in recent years in becoming more mainstream, there’s still a lot of work to be done in order to make cryptocurrency something that’s completely normalized. And with growth in the cryptocurrency industry stabilizing, cryptocurrency firms are doing everything they can to bring in new business. One of […]


Is Bitcoin Really Digital Gold? Recent Price Moves Suggest It Is

Many cryptocurrency enthusiasts and analysts have suggested that Bitcoin is digital gold. That’s a pretty heady comparison, but does it really pan out? After all, gold has a track record dating back thousands of years, while Bitcoin has only been around for a decade. But recent price movements suggest that, yes, Bitcoin may be considered, […]

Is the IRS coming after cryptocurrency users?

Is the IRS Tightening the Noose Around Cryptocurrency Users?

Recent reports have indicated that a number of cryptocurrency holders have received letters from the IRS informing them that they may owe taxes on their cryptocurrency holdings. According to copies of the letter, the IRS is telling people that the agency has: “…information that you have or had one or more accounts containing virtual currency […]

Ransomware striking China

Ransomware That Hit US Spreads to China

Ransomware is increasingly becoming a problem to cities and municipalities around the country. The ransomware attack that hit Baltimore earlier this year is perhaps the most famous one, as it brought the entire city government to its knees. The hackers took down the city’s computer systems and demanded a ransom of 13 bitcoins in order […]


IRS Seeking Data From Tech Firms on User Cryptocurrency Activity

According to a recently leaked presentation, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is looking to force big tech firms to provide them with information on user cryptocurrency activity. IRS is allegedly looking into contacting firms such as Google, Apple, and Microsoft and looking for information about user downloads of cryptocurrency applications, particularly with regard to use […]


Crypto Mining Malware Now Spreading to Android

If it weren’t bad enough that crypto mining malware was targeting computers, new evidence has demonstrated that similar malware is now targeting Android smartphones. The software takes advantage of features within Android that are used to resolve defects in apps, and can replicate itself easily. While the malware is thus far centered in South Korea, […]


Facebook’s New Libra Project: Will It Live Up to the Hype?

After months of planning and speculation, Facebook has finally announced its Libra cryptocurrency project. With a host of major corporations joining in the project, many mainstream analysts are hailing the new project as groundbreaking. But many in the cryptocurrency community are casting doubt on Facebook’s efforts. So will Libra end up being a world-changing currency […]