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Central banks exploring digital currency options

World Economic Forum: Over 40 Central Banks Exploring Blockchain Opportunities

According to the World Economic Forum, over 40 central banks around the world are eyeing the opportunities afforded by blockchain technology, many with an eye towards issuing their own digital currencies. But while studying the technology is one thing, actually getting to issuance of a digital currency is quite another. Thus far only one relatively […]


Is Most Bitcoin Trading a Hoax?

A recent study of Bitcoin trading claimed that about 95% of all reported Bitcoin trading volume is a hoax. The transactions are mostly spoofed in an attempt to manipulate Bitcoin prices for various reasons. If that is in fact the case, does it even make sense for people to invest in Bitcoin? It’s important to […]

North Korea has been hacking crypto exchanges

Is Your Bitcoin Safe From Hacking?

A recent report commissioned by the United Nations Security Council has indicated that North Korea has been behind many major hacks of cryptocurrency exchanges. The regime sees cryptocurrencies as a means of evading Western sanctions, as their quasi-anonymity and ability to be laundered multiple times with ease allows the regime to steal funds and use […]

Eastern Caribbean dollar

Eastern Caribbean Central Bank to Pursue Digital Currency

While numerous countries have discussed the possibility of issuing their own digital currency, the actual issuance of central bank digital currencies has in most cases failed to materialize. Aside from Venezuela’s much-derided petro, which doesn’t seem to be gaining much traction, no other central bank has issued its own digital currency. Until now. While many […]

Will Facebook create its own digital currency?

Facebook to Launch Its Own Cryptocurrency?

With growing backlash from governments over its erosion of data privacy and growing discontent from users overs its censorship and suppression of alternative points of view, Facebook is desperate to staunch the flow of users leaving its platform and relieve pressure from government authorities. The company needs to hit a home run in providing a […]

Yellowstone Falls

Bitcoin Will Officially Be Classified as Money… in Wyoming

With federal regulation of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies basically remaining stagnant, many states have taken it upon themselves to clarify the status of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. Ohio recently became the first state to accept Bitcoin as a payment for taxes. Online retailer Overstock already stated that it would pay some of its Ohio taxes in Bitcoin. […]

Custodians are more secure than exchanges

Reason #478 That Custodians Are Superior to Exchanges

Most cryptocurrency investors choose one of two ways to store their cryptocurrency holdings: they either hold them with a cryptocurrency exchange or they utilize investment vehicles such as cryptocurrency IRAs and hold their assets with custodians. Unless investors look closely underneath the hood, they may not see the difference between the two, and may not […]

Crypto hacking is still problematic

Theft and Hacking at Cryptocurrency Exchanges Remain a Problem

The fear of theft and hacking remains one of the issues keeping many people from trying to invest in cryptocurrencies. And recent research indicates that those people have every reason to remain fearful. Lat year an estimated $1.7 billion worth of cryptocurrencies were stolen from their owners, mostly from cryptocurrency exchanges. Total market capitalization of […]