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IRS Issues First Bitcoin Tax Guidance Since 2014

While Bitcoin has gained tremendously in popularity over the past decade, regulatory issues surrounding Bitcoin have yet to catch up. Among the most important of those to most Bitcoin investors were tax issues, with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) most recently giving tax guidance on Bitcoin in 2014. Aside from being told to treat Bitcoin […]


Central Bankers Pulling Out the Stops to Kill Competition: Will Bitcoin Get the Axe?

It’s no secret that central bankers don’t like competition. Governments of any type don’t, that’s why their governments. They enjoy their monopoly and seek to squelch anything that might threaten it. That’s why cryptocurrencies have come in for such strong opposition from central bankers, as they directly threaten the monopoly of monetary control that central […]


What’s the Best-Performing Asset of 2019? Bitcoin

The Bitcoin ecosystem contains a funny mix of bulls and bears. For every person who thinks that Bitcoin will hit $100,000 by the end of the year you probably have two or three who think that it will sink below $1,000. Yet despite the bearishness of many on Wall Street who think that Bitcoin is […]


Is Cryptocurrency Privacy a Thing of the Past?

One of the the reasons so many people decided to use and invest in Bitcoin was the private nature of the cryptocurrency. With Bitcoin addresses consisting of a series of numbers and letters, people could transfer money to and fro without anyone knowing who was on the other end of a transaction. Governments hate having […]


Just How Secure Are Cryptocurrency Transactions?

One of the highlights of Bitcoin when it was first introduced was the relative anonymity with which Bitcoin users could buy, sell, and trade Bitcoin. While all transactions are recorded on the blockchain, they merely record which addresses sent Bitcoin where, with no one being able to tie a single address to an individual person. […]


Attempted Coinbase Hack Highlights Importance of Crypto-Security

Coinbase is perhaps one of the best-known cryptocurrency exchanges to most Americans. But the company was just recently the target of a very sophisticated and long-developing hack attempt. Using various methods to develop an attack, hackers sought to penetrate Coinbase and ultimately make off with significant amounts of cryptocurrency. Thankfully the hack was detected and […]

Is lending your cryptocurrency a good idea?

Is There a Danger in Cryptocurrency Lending?

While Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies have made great strides in recent years in becoming more mainstream, there’s still a lot of work to be done in order to make cryptocurrency something that’s completely normalized. And with growth in the cryptocurrency industry stabilizing, cryptocurrency firms are doing everything they can to bring in new business. One of […]


Is Bitcoin Really Digital Gold? Recent Price Moves Suggest It Is

Many cryptocurrency enthusiasts and analysts have suggested that Bitcoin is digital gold. That’s a pretty heady comparison, but does it really pan out? After all, gold has a track record dating back thousands of years, while Bitcoin has only been around for a decade. But recent price movements suggest that, yes, Bitcoin may be considered, […]